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Telecoms Cabling

Sometimes, no matter how many telephone or data outlets you have, you never seem to have enough! Phone extension leads, couplers, and loose cabling can become a visual and health & safety nightmare. Total Network engineers can professionally and aesthetically install additional telephone socket wiring throughout your business premises.

As your business grows, moves and changes occur, and sometimes telephone outlets are no longer in a logical position – not a problem! Total Networks can extend or relocate these to any required location in your building.

Over time, wall mounted sockets can become damaged or stop functioning for a number of other reasons. You may experience ‘noise’ or ‘crackling’ on the phone line. We are able to repair and test damaged phone outlets very quickly and usually at little cost. Faults on phone lines can also be investigated and rectified in the shortest possible time to minimalise any inconvenience to your business.

Some of the telecoms infrastructure solutions we offer;

  • Additions to business telephone system cabling
  • Relocating business telephone socket outlets
  • Repairs of damaged telephone system sockets
  • Troubleshooting faulty telephone system sockets
  • Installation of residential BT telephone extensions
  • Relocating residential BT telephone sockets and lines
  • Repairs or damaged residential BT telephone sockets and lines
  • Troubleshooting faulty residential BT telephone sockets and lines
We provide telecoms engineers in Norwich and throughout Norfolk. If you require any relocations or additions, or if you have any damaged telephone or data outlets that require repairing or investigating, please contact us today.

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